Our name says it all. "ALL COVERAGE" All types of vehicles ... All types of drivers!


 Recreational Vehicles  
 SR - 22's
 Commercial Vehicles
 Personal Watercraft
 Travel Trailers
 All Terrain Vehicles

Whether your auto is large or small, boat, motorcycle, or RV, we have the products to 
meet your needs.  Every client is unique.  We identify ways to properly insure your specific needs.  
As owners ourselves, we understand the special protection needed for you to have peace of mind.

We offer:

Quick Claim Response - When you do have a claim, you need fast, fair service. As 
independent agents we work to make that happen. That's why we only represent companies 
with excellent records for settling claims fairly and promptly.

Competitive Rates - Many of the insurance companies we represent specialize in insuring 
specific types of vehicles, offering special coverage and pricing. To see if your vehicle qualifies 
for one of these special programs, contact us for more information.


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